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National Regatta – Halifax Sea Cadet Race

Shamus McMillin a native of Halifax and the cadet petty officer is amongst the 50 sea cadets taking part in National Regatta in Kingston for 4 days in August. McMillin is one of sea cadets out of 236 sea cadet corps in and around Canada.

This in turn has made victory against local and multi provincial regattas a lot more impressive. However, McMillin still feels that is totally teamwork as each team is inclusive of a crew member and a skipper. The race basically determines the 2 competing cadets which would be the country’s best one in 25 Club 420 race.

There are altogether 6 other boats which would come from the Atlantic region. There would be sailors from Newfoundland and Maritimes as well as Labrador in the qualifying race. McMillin said that they have chosen the top 6 boats to take part in the regatta in Kingston. McMillin has sailed for close to 11 years and is all geared up to ensure that he along with his team performs well.

The 18 year old became a part of the cadets in 2012 and he was only 12 years old then. He had a few friends who were part of the organization and slightly older than him. It was a fun-filled experience for him and he quite enjoyed it. There are endless challenges that sailor’s face and McMillin is no different, although it is his 3rd year of racing. Some of the challenges faced by sailors include weather, low winds, and storms and so on. However, during the race, these challenges display the skills of the individual as well as team sailors.

The biggest part about it is the tuning of boat one needs to be prepared with. The boats may be a bit finicky and hence sailors need to ensure that it’s been set up perfectly before going on the water.

Barts Bash Sailing Gearing Up For Guinness World Record

It is the 5th year of the Guinness world record-breaking event and its celebrating by trying to beat the record made in 2014 as the largest sailing competition in 24 hours. Anyone can take part in the festivities, which would be held at the sailing academy in Portland regardless of whether one has a boat or knows how to sail.

The Andrew Simpson Foundation has put most of its boats for grabs and it can be raced as part of the attempt to make a record. In addition, there are boats which are helmed by best skilled instructors for those who are new to sailing yet want to get involved. During the race, the team of Andre Simpson Sailing Centre will organize a series of activities for everyone, including children and the ones who don’t wish to take part in sailing.

In addition to some of the exciting activities, barbeque and local band music is being arranged post the race has finished. Iain Percy, the Foundation Trustee said they are delighted with the opportunity to offer sailing with a platform for global fundraising with the help of Bart’s Bash event. Percy sees it as an excellent opportunity for those taking part in Bart’s Bash sailing clubs to raise funds to help the domestic sailing projects and continue to help the Foundation to achieve its objectives. It’s been 5 years and they could not be prouder of the things they have accomplished so far and Bart would equally take pride in it.

The Andrew Simpson Foundation honored the Olympic champion from Sherborne who had a tragic death in 2013. He had a strong belief that everyone must have the opportunity to try their hands on sailing. The objective of the mission is to honor the legacy of Andrew by maximizing participation and improving lives of youth with the help of the sports that he liked.

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