What is the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race?

There has been a lot of talk about the Clipper’s Round the World Yacht Race in recent weeks. Today maumeeriveryachtclub.com presents you this race which is really worth to be known.

Do you have the soul of an ocean runner and you are able to take a sabbatical year? Do you have good financial means or the support of a sponsor? You have a little under, but you would like to try your luck and live the offshore experience on a single step safely and on a real race boat? The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is for you!

Team Structure of the World Yacht Race

The World Yacht Race is a crew race of 18 people, including the skipper. These people have spent an amount of money to live a stage or to go around the world in full it is according to. It is first and foremost a human experience out of the ordinary lived by ordinary people, as evidenced by the slogan of the Clipper found on the bow of each boat, raced by people like you (driven by people like you).

What are clippers?

It takes place in a Spartan environment, but all in all comfortable. The Clippers are one-design gauge boats. These are fast units, but also very heavy. This is not 32 tons and measuring 68 feet long. The interior is practical, but you are comfortable. There is room and a certain comfort. In addition, with 18 people on board, forget immediately the stuffing. A cat would not find her little ones and even less her toothbrush in the clutter.It would not make much difference on these boats stuffed to the stopper of several tons of fuel and drinking water.

Stick to the usual and useful maneuvers.

Before boarding, the sailors must have undergone a training of 4 weeks including 3 at sea and a week on the school benches. They learn the basics of sailing and also the indispensable and innumerable safety measures. It is required simply because some have never even touched a sailboat of their life. Warning on the other hand: one leaves his discomfort and shyness of neophyte in the cloakroom. All are equal before Eole and Neptune. The sea swallows up a dozen Joe’s at breakfast on his toast with eggs and bacon. So we leave his claims on the platform too.

Finally, the team members must show white paws from the medical point of view, dental examination included. No question of shipping anyone without it has produced a medical certificate in good and due form. This avoids the medieval dental surgeries, which were once the prerogative of the proud-to-arm service.

Once on the boat, participants must comply with the orders of the skipper who is by the way, the only professional on board. Even if the latter always has the last word, decisions are still taken in collegiality.

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